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Hub istanbul community, we have news for you !

EDUCORE  opens its Open Space Working Platform for the use of Hub istanbul community members.

Now we have a space to meet, to work, to give seminars and consultancy.

EDUCORE is a IT specialized training organization with branches all over the world. Their target is grow IT Talent Force, both professional and entreprenur level.

They also organized an Open Space Working platform with around 20 seat capacity for entrepreneurs to work, to network, to consult and give seminars.

They expressed their wish to open up this space for the use of Hub istanbul Community, as a PRE HUBSPACE.

Here is what is expected from the willing HUBBER, who wants to use the space:

– 1 Day/Month volunteered training, seminar or workshop to be given by the HUBBER

– 2 hours/Week volunteered consultancy (one-to-onei one-to-many), at a planned time byt the HUBBER

– Be cooperative and open to sharing ideas.

If you say yes, you are wellcome for a great experience. And, NO FEES are applied 🙂

With regards.

EDUCORE Building at Kadıköy Center, Karakolhane Cad. Duatepe Sk. 38 Kadıköy  Tel: 0216 348 26 73 (348 CORE)

Educore Open Space Working Area:

For Details about EDUCORE, please visit  http://www.educore.com.tr/educore-egitim-merkezi.php

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